Update on 3D Mail Campaign

I’ve been sending out my 3D mail campaign , <—-click to see when I started this campaign, since June 17, 2013, so it’s only going on two months.

I haven’t sent to too many expired listings (I only send to houses priced at $200,000 or more in the areas I normally sell).

I’ve sent out a total of 25 campaigns so far.

  • 5 went back on the market within a day, so my mailing never had a chance to get to the sellers (who knows, maybe they’ll keep it if their house expires again).
  • 1 was returned.
  • 10 made it to the third round (Trash Can Mailer).
  • 7 are at the booklet mailer.  I’m just waiting to send out the trash can mailer.
  • 2 just received the first postcard.

So, how many calls have I received so far?  A big fat ZERO.

It’s still early in the game, and the small numbers don’t give a good estimate of how well the 3D mailer will do.

I wish there were more expired listings that we could go after!

How are you doing on your mailings?  Any 3D mailings?

After you answer the above questions, go take action!

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