USPS Does It Again…

It’s true, the United States Postal Service has increased postage… again.

If you have been following my 3D Mailings, then you already know that to ship the Miniature Trash Can it costs $2.07 (for anything under 3 ounces). 

Well, the USPS has increased the postage (on January 27, 2014) to $2.32.  First Class stamps are now $0.49.  If you do EDDM the price has increased from $0.16 to $0.175.

Now, before you get all mad (like I did), just remember… we bank money.  So, if you spend $2.32 on a trash can and it brings in $20 will you be happy?  Of course you’ll be happy!

Don’t let the 25 cent increase hinder your marketing.  Track your Return on Investment (ROI) and be sure you’re in the positive (even being in the negative is not always bad if you factor in the Lifetime Value of a client).

Now go take action!

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