Wanna Hear A Scary Story?

Be forewarned… this is VERY scary…

It was a nice, crisp, fall morning… sipping on my joe in my underwear.  I was looking for another idea to advertise the real estate biz in and came across a little, local advertising business.  They deliver their little weekly publication to restaurants, coffee shops, etc. and I thought it was an interesting idea for real estate.

So, I sent a message through their website (per their instructions on their site) using their contact form:  See below…

bus_type: Real Estate Sales
message: Hello,

What are your rates to advertise in the XXXXXXX? I prefer the eastside of Cleveland like Solon, Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights and the areas in between. Thanks!
name: David
target_area: Eastside

Pretty easy question… how much are the rates?  Their website answered all my other questions, so no point in wasting cyberspace asking questions already answered.

Well, one day went by.  Then another, and another.  Maybe the goblins got them, or maybe they just have no interest in my business.  Whatever!!!!

Then, yesterday, 9 days after I sent the original message, I get a response (looks like the goblins let them go… dang)…


Thanks for your interest in XXXXXXXX.   Please understand the main benefit of advertising in the XXXXXXXX is exclusiveness. That means you will be the only business genre in your respective edition and keep your competition out.  A little about XXXXXXXX.

XXXXXXXX is a weekly publication delivered to restaurants , coffee shops and hotels that  serves the advertising needs of small businesses. It has been proven that people absorb more advertising messages before or during eating, as there is a need for mental input — food for thought– during this time period. XXXXXXXX is designed to take full advantage of this fact.
XXXXXXXX has the week’s funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes, lucky numbers and more. Everything in it is fun and entertaining – no bad news here! It is a very big breath of FRESH AIR to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only the bad news. XXXXXXXX IS POSITIVE. It provides the “other side of the news”, – something that makes people SMILE!Please take a look at my website for more information and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Kindest Regards,”

What?!  Is this some kind of Halloween prank, because the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up…  Can you see what’s “scary” about this response?!

Hmm… let’s see:

1.  Probably the easiest to identify… My questions was NEVER answered.  Duh!

2.  All those “XXXXXXXs” are the business name (Think… ME ME ME I I I).

3.  They say to take a look at their website for more information and to ask any questions (since I took out their website, you wouldn’t know this one).  Really?  I asked you a simple question… it took you 9 days to get back to me, and you never answered my question!  And… everything in your response is on your site (face palm).

I just got scared outta my seat from this…  You know why?  Because there’s a lot of businesses who put out the exact same garbage.  They should have just told me to go take a hike, but that’s what I’m doing.  Running away from this business!

Now, I know you’re not putting out garbage like this… are you?  No?  Great!   (I knew you were smarter than that)

So, I’m curious… how would you have responded to my simple question?

Be sure to leave your comments below.

Now go take action!!

Oh, by the way… what’s that behind you?!

Happy Halloween!  Muahahahaha


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