Welcome To The Jungle

It’s official… My wife and I are officially members of the ZooKeepers’ Circle (Explorers’ Club) for the Cleveland Zoological Society (Thank you Sally!!)!  Visit:  www.ClevelandZoologicalSociety.org

This means we get to go on private tours of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, listen in on special speakers, and learn all about the animals!

Last night my wife and I got to go on our first keeper guided tour of the primates and the commissary (kitchen).  So much goes on behind the scenes that you never really get to appreciate until you actually witness what’s going on.

You get to see all of the toys and puzzles the animals use to strengthen their minds and muscles.  You get to see all of the hard work that the workers in the commissary have to do to prepare all of the animals foods (over 2,500 mouths to feed, WOW).

Major props to everyone at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo!

It was like a date night for me and my wife.  We got to turn off our roaring brains and explore paths less traveled.

Live Life Adventurously!


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