What Are Your Customers’ & Clients’ Desires?

Desire:  A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

We all have desires.  I’m sure you could start naming off dozens of your own desires, but… what are you customers’ and clients’ desires?

What is it that they really want?

If you’re selling a vacuum cleaner, what is the desire your customers want?

Say you’re selling life insurance, what is it your clients are hoping will happen?

No matter what you’re selling, what product or service you’re offering… you MUST grab the attention of your customers’ and clients’ desires if you want a chance for them to buy from your.

A great question to think about is… “Why should I do business with you versus any and every option available to me, or do nothing at all?”  This is a *Unique Selling Proposition that Dan Kennedy coined.  Here you’ll find your customers’ and clients’ deepest desires.

Can you find yours?

Now go take action!

*For more on Unique Selling Propositions check out this Idea Generator for creating your Unique Selling Proposition by Clicking Here.

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