What Makes A Successful Headline?

Headlines are the lifeblood of all marketing and advertising.  If you’re headlines suck then no one is going to ready the rest of your sales letter or ad.

Three Types Of Headlines

There are three types of headlines.

1.  Self-interest:  This is based on the reader’s benefits.

2.  News

3.  Curiosity

Examples Of Self-Interest, News, and Curiosity Headlines

Can you guess which type of headlines these are?

  • Announcing – A New Course And Service For Men And Women Who Want To Be Independent In The Next Five Years

If you said Curiosity then you’re.. WRONG.  ha!  It’s a type of News headline.  Announcing gives it away as a News headline.  It’s also part of a Self-interest headline because it’s calling out to those “Who Want To Be Independent.”

  • Wanted – Your Services As A High-Paid Real Estate Specialist

This is an example of a Self-interest headline.  The headline is offering a high paying job.  Most people I know would love to have a high paying job (Self-interest).

  • What’s Wrong In This Picture?

Yep, this is a Curiosity headline (Great job)!  Whatever the picture may be, it arouses your curiosity to see if you can find what’s wrong in the picture.  Then, once you think you know you’ll read the rest of the ad to make sure you guessed right.

Create Strong Money-Making Headlines By Combining At Least Two Types of Headlines

The best headlines combine at least two of the type of headlines.  When writing your headline, think of a way to combine self-interest and news, or self-interest and curiosity.  Noticed I have Self-interest in both combinations.

The best headlines have something of self-interest to the readers.  This will draw the readers you want to your ad, then hit them with curiosity or news!

Want to learn more about writing headlines?  Pick up a copy of Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples.

This is an excellent copywriting, direct-response marketing book that should be in your library vault.  I have the fifth edition and I think it’s GREAT, but I have heard that some prefer the editions before the fifth edition.  You be the judge.

Now go take action!


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