What’s Your Motivation?

On Sunday I was doing my regular morning jog.

I thought to myself, “David, it’s time for a new pace record!  You’re going to push yourself past your limits even if it kills you.”

So, I started off jogging at a fast pace and didn’t slow down.  I kept pushing my self… pain in my legs, cramp on my right side, and my mind working against me, “David, slow down, you can’t do it.”  NO I thought.  I’m going to do it.

I had to find the inner demons trying to stop me from pushing past my limits.  It was tough, but you know what??  I did it!

NEW RECORD!!!  My average pace over 3.52 miles was 9.39 minute/mile!  Woot!  My pervious record was a few months back at 9.53 min/mi.  Yeah, it took me a few months to pace my record, but I finally did it. 

You know, it’s all in your head.  You have to fight your inner demons to push forward.  You need to find your motivation behind what you’re doing.  What’s the reason you doing X?  Where do you want to be 2 years from now?

This brings me to an article my friend, Mike Searles (Copywriter), wrote for The Bohol Chronicle (Philippines) about motivation.  It was perfect timing, because I just made my new record and the next day he sends me his motivational article.

It was sooo good I asked him for permission to post it for you, and he said, “Yes!”

So, without further ado, here’s Mike’s great article on motivation, and the five things he says you should do to help find your lost motivation:

Mike Searles - What Motivates You DoM

Motivated?!  I sure am!

Mike also got me started on Les Brown.  Absolutely brilliant man.  A much watch on YouTube.

So, what motivates you?  Exactly where do you want to go with your life and your business?

Be sure to leave your answers in the comments below.

Oh, and thanks again, Mike, for allowing me to share this with my fans!

And, as always… Now go take action!


  1. No David… thank YOU — for sharing the article with your fans.

    And well done on your new pace record!

    Imagine how you will feel when you outpace THAT record…

    Everyone loves a winner!

    1. Thanks, Mike!

      Just got my second fastest time this morning!!! So, I beat the record I had for awhile twice this week. 🙂

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