WooHoo! Finally Received Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing

Finally!  After like a three day wait I received Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing system through FedEx.  Boy that was a long three rainy, gloomy, waiting to rip open the Magnetic Marketing Box.  But, finally… it’s here!

I’ll tell you what… that box sure was heavy.  I opened it up and there were 12 seminar CDs, 4 bonus CDs, a swipe file on CD, three huge binders (One with transcripts of all CDs, one for the swipe file, and another huge binder with nothing buy money making direct-response marketing info).

I sure am one happy camper.  Can you see my teeth gleaming?  😀

So, I started going through the binders and it’s a lot of information to take in all at once, so I’m going through bit by bit and listening to the seminar CDs on my way to and from work (Radio?  Who needs the radio?!).

I’m ed-u-ma-cating my mind ready to put what I learn into ACTION.  Yep, good ole fashion ACTION.  That’s all it really takes to succeed.

You see, I’ve been contemplating buying the Magnetic Marketing system for quite some time now, but I didn’t want to spend $497 (I thought that was a lot of money), but after reading Dan’s books and subscribing to his newsletters and putting what I learn to action, I’m seeing results.

****UPDATE 1/5/2014:  Click Here or go to MagneticMarketingKit.com to save $218 on Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing making it only $279. I’m not sure how long this special pricing will be available.  Comes with a 60-Day money back guarantee.****

Therefore, I decided to suck it up, spend the money, and learn more about Direct-Response Marketing so I can make even MORE money.  That’s what we all want to do… right?  Well, that and have more free time (which comes with having more money).

So, what are you learning about today to help you succeed?  What kind of action are you taking?

Ok, enough is enough.  Get off my blog and…

Go take action!


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